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Golden Lawn Mowing Tips

In addition to wearing the right hearing protection for lawn mowing, you need to consider a number of many other lawn mowing tips for you to get the best results. do you love listening to the radio when mowing? There are plenty of radio headphones for lawn mowing you can go for. Some of the other tips to consider when mowing include:

Keep the lawn mower blades sharp

Just like your kitchen knife, you need to keep the lawn mower blades sharp all the time. When you do this you not only have an easy time cutting the grass, you also cut the grass properly.

You should note that when you have dull blades, you have ragged cuts. The end result of this is the grass being ugly to look at. The grass with rugged cuts also tends to have high chances of developing diseases.

The best way of going about it is to inspect the blades before you start mowing. If they are dull or damaged, you should sharpen them. If damaged or damaged, replace them.

Mow in the right pattern

The mowing pattern determines how your yard looks like once you are done. The best way of mowing the lawn is to mow while moving forward. When you use one pattern this week, you should use the other, the following week.

This is because the grass develops a grain depending on the cutting direction and leans towards the direction that you mow. When you alternate the pattern, you ensure that the grass grows in the upright direction which gives your yard an elegant look.

Mow at the right height

If you have been cutting grass for a long time, you know that the right height that you should mow your grass is 2 inches. You should avoid mowing lower than this as you risk exposing the roots to a lot of sunlight thus damaging them in the process.

In the shaded areas, you should mow the grass higher. This is because the grass in these areas have to compete with tree roots for water and nutrients.

During the hot seasons of the year, you should avoid mowing altogether as you risk the grass drying up thus putting your yard at the risk of looking disorganized and ugly.

Get rid of clippings

When you are done with the mowing, it’s wise that you get rid of the clippings. The only time that you should leave them on the lawn is if they form rows or clumps. At this time, you should do it when you are looking to return the nutrients such as nitrogen back to the lawn.

If you aren’t looking to mulch in your lawn, you should get rid of all the clippings.

Use the right lawn mower

It would be absurd for me to complete this list without mentioning that you should use the right lawn mower for your work. There are many machines on the market that you can go with. You only need to choose those that are ideal for your application.

If you love sitting while mowing, there are many large lawn mowers that you can choose from. You can rent the lawn mower if you don’t have one, or buy from your local store.

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