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Effects Of Sweaty Feet

While feet sweating might seem like a simple thing, it usually can lead to severe effects if you don’t control it early enough. To help you out, here are some of the effects that come with excessive sweaty feet:

Effects of Sweaty Feet

Macerated skin: Here the constantly wet feet become more vulnerable. The skin might become white, wrinkled and cracked. In some cases, skin degradation can cause the feet to become painful and even tender.

Scaling of feet: The condition has also been shown to bring about peeling and scaling at the bottom of the feet and even in between the toes. A tell-tale sign that your feet are suffering from this condition is scaly loose skin, white, or red skin areas between the toes and under the feet.

Fungal infection: Also known as mycosis, this is a fungal infection. The infections range from warts to fungal nails and ringworm.

Athletes foot: This is the ringworm of the foot, also known as tinea pedis. The condition comes about due to the immoderate moisture that increases the chances of the condition developing.

The fungi that bring about the condition require warmth and moisture which are both available when you are suffering from the condition.

Skin inflammation: In some cases, the skin might be inflamed, a condition known as dermatitis. Due to the excessive sweating, the skin gets worse causing the affected area to become red and inflamed.

Social and emotional effects: There is the psychosocial discomfort as you are always having smelly, hot, and painful feet. The sweat covered socks can also become embarrassing causing you a lot of stress especially when you are in a social setting.


These are some of the effects that come with having excessively sweaty feet. For you to fix the condition, you should visit a foot doctor who will not only diagnose the condition, but also recommend the best medication that you should take.  When working, you should always wear the best work boots for sweaty feet that you can afford.

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