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Our new forums are up!

— Saturday, January 21st, 2012

If you visited P:B during its first week live, you might have briefly seen our first pass on having a forum, only for it to quickly vanish. We weren’t 100% happy with that format, and so we’ve been tinkering in our back rooms, getting a new version ready to go. Well, the forums are finally active and hopefully here to stay. Just click the button up top (or right here) and join us in the earliest stages of the Project: Ballad community. While the comic is still a little ways off, feel free to comment on any of the articles we put up in the “Writing” section, the short story already released, or just chat about whatever over in our general discussion room – Kevin and I are, at least, always talking about what’s going on in other comics, and I love talking about games with everyone. Drop by!

Coming up soon – more articles, more previews, and more everything else as we approach the launch.

Kind Words!

— Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

A short update to draw attention to Project: Ballad’s first outside mention of note. Our recent piece on Zelda, Chrono Trigger, and game openings made the Critical Distance weekly wrap-up. Thanks, guys!

While we have you here, though… while not everything that Kevin or I does outside of this website is closely enough tied to P:B to send up the signal flares, people who enjoyed the Metal Gear Solid piece that was recently posted here might be interested in following the somewhat-related post over at the Mindless Ones, which recently made Rock Paper Shotgun’s Sunday Papers and got a kind nod from Sean T. Collins.

Thanks to all for the attention. These early days, before the comic goes live, it’s sort of especially nice to be noticed. It won’t be long before our primary focus on the comic is a lot more visible, and these extra articles and other material will recede to the position of bonus content that they obviously are; but we still put the work into them as we attempt to do for everything that appears on this site, and the kind words and notice are gratifying.

Spring is always getting closer, and soon enough you’ll be seeing more previews and other material as launch approaches – in the interim, stick around, we’ve got more articles, stories, posts, and other content to keep the fires burning.

Art Preview (and more)!

— Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Hey kids, we’re still a ways away from getting started, but here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming.

(Click to Enlarge!)

Also, you may notice that the first page is a little clearer than it was before.


It’s a new year, and everyone’s shaking off those post-holiday hangovers, so we’re happy to welcome you back to the site! In addition to the first glimpse of Kevin’s work on P:B – with more to come, we assure you – we’ve also got some new things to look at everywhere else. In addition to the usual articles, take a glance over at “Extras,” where the first prose side-story has gone up for your perusal.

This series of stories is designed to cast the occasional glance on some of the supporting characters in our comic. They’re “canon,” if that thing matters to you, and allows some of our wide cast the spotlight for a little more often than they might get in the comic proper. This first, about Quincy Adams, was designed so you could read it before the comic launches, but others in the future may rely more on the context provided by the main event.

While you’ll never have to read these side-trips to understand the comic, we hope it adds to the overall experience as we really get the ball rolling.

Here’s to 2012, and our official launch!